few words About us

Head of production we are like to have you here!

You are not like any other customer. Your work, culture and brand are unique. You deserve a production house that will express you in this way, attracting the attention of recipients.

No matter what kind of video you need. We are here to create together and rise to a higher level.

Hero Films is a production house based in Łódź/Poland. We focus on telling stories that engage the audience.

Our team consists of artists working at all stages of production, from the preparation of the concept, through its implementation on the set, to assembly and finishing the material with the final touch.


how do we work?production stages

We present four main stages into which the production process of your video is divided and an example of the time that each of them may take. However, remember that each project is a separate story and a very individual approach on our part.

what do you need? 1. Concept

It all starts with listening to the customer’s needs. We want to know your company and the way it is headed. In the case of a music video, go deeper into the image you are creating. On this basis, we plan to create a specific form of communication that will be engraved in the memory of recipients for a long time. (2-5 days)

preparations... 2. preproduction

We will find and prepare the necessary locations, actors, crew, script and other details that will make the shooting day pass according to a previously strictly prepared plan. There is room for creative improvisation, but no organizational chaos. (approx. 7 days)

here is the magic! 3. shoot day

You need one operator with a camera or maybe a full film crew with a director, lighting, make-up – we have it for you. We will adapt to your needs and budget.

cherry on top4. postproduction

At this stage, we bring all the previous elements together. We assemble an image with sound, add animations, special effects and give the material a final color to convey as much emotion as possible to the recipient. (7-14 days)

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