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How much will the video cost me?

How much are you able to produce a music video?

This is a very complex question in the filmmaking world and many factors can influence the price. We have described this topic in more detail in one of ours articles.

We will try to provide approximate prices, but remember that we approach each project individually. We listen to our clients and choose solutions for them that will allow them to effectively use the budget they have for video marketing.

With the help of video, we can conduct a product / service demonstration, make a guide, training, educational film or a showcase of the company showing the scope of its activities. We help you define your needs and help you choose an advertisement that will bring tangible benefits to your company.
teledysk rap hiphop
music video
We have worked with both novice artists and those who have been present on the stage for years. We can understand the budgets available for promotion in the form of music videos and often compensate for their size with good script ideas that increase the visual value of the project. You have a song you want to make a picture for - we're here for you.
filmy z użyciem drona, filmowanie z powietrza, widok z lotu ptaka
reports from events
We provide reports from events that perfectly reflect their nature. They are a great souvenir for companies or a showcase and promotional material for organizers in the case of cyclical events. Club events, concerts, sports events, reportages or making-offs - we will take on every challenge.
realizacja spotu reklamowego maszyny budowlane
interactive film
Wartość reklamy contentowej w formie video ma w ostatnich latach znaczący wzrost. Podczas gdy niektórzy ludzie wolą czytać inni szukają możliwości wizualizacji swoich wyobrażeń o firmie. W przeciwieństwie do tradycyjnego wideo liniowego interaktywna forma może dać widzom inną perspektywę.

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