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Medical Center Querqus Medical Center
''Nowadays, making a good advertising film is one of the indispensable elements of promotion. Based on good opinions, Medical Center Qurequs commissioned Hero Films to execute the project. We emphasized what elements the created project should contain and what its character should be. We left the creation of the vision (the entire script) to the Hero Films team. The results obtained are very satisfactory for us, and the performance is highly professional. We received more than we expected, and we set the "bar" high anyway. The excellent contact with the team implementing our order was something that showed us that our choice was a bull's eye. The Hero Films team coped perfectly with the small space a film set in such a way that each of the actors did not feel the slightest stage fright - and children from six months of age and the elderly took part. With full responsibility, we can recommend Hero Films and the entire team that cooperated in the implementation of our project. Thank you.''
torebka w cukierce
dietary catering torebka w cukierce dietary catering
''Professionalism and commitment, creative approach and customer understanding. Hero Films is the perfect partner for action and production. ''
Agnieszka Manios
Marketing Department Manager Just cars club Agnieszka Manios Marketing Department Manager Just cars club
''There are many demanding and interesting projects behind us. Tymek always shows full professionalism, full readiness to act and resolves any embarrassing situations at an express pace. As a production manager, he is always 200% prepared and prepared for any eventuality or customer request. The productions coming from Hero FIlms are characterized by a perfect approach to detail, innovative creations and fresh ideas. I encourage you to check the works from his hand.''
Mateusz Roszkowiak
''In the industry that I have been dealing with for years, good marketing is essential. Together with Hero Films, we had the pleasure of working on creating a promotional clip for me. The video vision prepared was very good, the recording took us only a few hours, and the effect shocked me - positive of course. I rarely leave someone a recommendation, but here I have to make an exception. I recommend!''
Anna Rybakowska
Acoustics and Design Anna Rybakowska Acoustics and Design
Biuro Styl sp.z o.o. commissioned Hero Films to make a promotional film from an acoustic project made by BS. Tymoteusz Skirucha and his team performed the entrusted task with full professionalism. He made the project very sensitively, at a high technical level and very efficiently, taking into account any suggestions from the client. We will certainly continue our cooperation.
I heartily recommend working with HeroFilms. Full professionalism, attentiveness to the needs and expectations of the client, and a great deal of flexibility are a recipe for successful projects. We will meet on the set more than once.

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